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Halal in Arabic means “permissible.” It is any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. In broad terms, it covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life.

This concept is initiated and promoted in Islam with the objective of helping the humanity lead a healthy, balanced and principle-centered life. It is in the best interests of not just Muslims, but all people across the globe irrespective of their religion or faith.

At, we strive to deliver halal products and services to our customers anywhere in India. The site is designed to cater to the needs of this growing segment of customers who are looking for halal products and services. We will ensure that whatever we sell or deliver is in accordance with the broad interpretation of halal terminology.

We will be selective in offering our customers only those products that do conform with the broad halal concept. We will be promoting only those products or services that ensure our customers their value for money, without compromising quality of the products or the way a service is delivered. We will take immediate action to correct anything that contravenes the halal principle of Islam.

We will not sell or offer:

Any product which contains prohibited substances like pork, alcohol…etc.

  • Any product or service which is made in contravention of Islamic rules on trading such as those related to trading in risk, gambling (games of chance involving money), “bayu al-gharar” (trading in risk),  monopoly, hoarding, cheating…etc.
  • Any product or service which is made in contravention of international principles such as using child labour, forced labour…etc.  or which violates human rights principles in the production  or delivery process
  • Any product that has any kind of side effects on the customers’ physical or mental health
  • Any product or service that involves disproportionate profit or extraordinary service charges
  • Any services that incorporate prohibited elements in their delivery such as sex tourism, liquor parties…etc.
  • Anything that involves trade of illegal items such as sandal wood or made of body parts or skin of animals that face extinction
  • Toys that impede the mental or moral growth of children or are harmful to them in any way