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Halalscart offers a wide variety of products that conforms to the broad concept of 'Halal'. We shall promote only those products or services that ensure our customers, value for money, without compromising on the quality of the products or the way a service is delivered. No products shall be offered that contravenes the halal principles of Islam.

The website offers:

  • Apparels/Clothings
  • Books
  • Media (CD/DVD)
  • Electronic Products
  • Baby Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Gift Items
  • Food Products 
We shall also provide products other than from the above category. We shall not offer any product that contains prohibited substances like pork, alcohol etc. We shall also not offer any product or service which is made in contravention of international principles such as using child labour, forced labour etc.  or which violates human rights principles in the production  or delivery process or that has any kind of side effects on the customers’ physical or mental health.